MultiPlast Polymer PVT Ltd Mulund Bhiwandi Thane Maharashtra

MultiPlast Polymer Plastic containers are popular packaging entities which find extensive use both in the domestic and commercial market. This popularity is not just because of the widespread ease of use that a plastic container offers but also because of the flexibility of designing that enables containers of multiple shapes, sizes and facilities be designed. Be it with a handle or without one, be it tamper proof or with wad or be it a bottle with a dropper, the variety of plastic containers available in the market for packaging is so diverse that it is amazing. MultiPlast Polymer  Among the plastic containers that are available in the market, plastic bottles are the most common type and are probably the most widely used ones as well. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes each of which find use in a specific application. This is what makes the plastic bottles so popular in the commercial packaging industry. One famous type that we often come across is a dropper bottle.
MultiPlast Polymer PVT Ltd Mulund Bhiwandi Thane Maharashtra
A plastic bottle is a bottle made up of quality plastic like HDPE that is accredited as safe for storage of fluids. Plastic bottles are usually used for the storage of semi liquids and also liquids such as motor oil, water, shampoo, soft drinks, cooking oil, medicine, milk, various sensitive cosmetics, oils, ink and other similar stuff. The sizes range from   tiny sample bottles to very large carboys. A peep  into the history of these containers reveal that plastic bottles were used commercially for the first time in 1947, but after that they remained sparsely used and  relatively expensive until the early years of 1960s which was around the time when high density polyethylene was introduced in the market. MultiPlast Polymer of These bottles quickly became famous with both customers and manufacturers due to their light weight make and their relatively low production costs when compared to their counter parts made up of glass. In the present times, except for wine and other alcoholic beverages like beer, the entire food industry has to a large extent replaced glass with the plastic bottles.
MultiPlast Polymer PVT Ltd 
One of the most commonly plastic containers in the market is the dropper bottle. They are usually used for packaging of medicines which need to be sold in small quantities and used in drops by the user. As such, the construction of these bottles must be very precise. This is necessary because each drop counts during the usage of the fluid stored within and at no time should the liquid pour out of the bottle. Depending on the type of requirement, these bottles have a storage capacity of 5 ml to 100 ml and are often used for packaging of liquid and semi liquid items. MultiPlast Polymer PVT Ltd Mulund Bhiwandi Thane Maharashtra is a  well known manufacturer of round shaped quality dropper bottles. Their product stands for durability, superior quality and versatility.

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