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It would not be an incorrect statement if one claims that more than half of the globe is liquid.  The sheer advantage in terms of storage, space consumption, ease of handling and shelf life of liquid items has made the commercial market go for liquid form.  Be it body gels that are replacing g soaps or liquid detergents and hand sanitizers, solids are giving way to liquids. Even some of the medical substances are being manufactured and marketed in liquid state, liquids are emerging everywhere. This new trend has given rise to the need for efficient packaging for safe transit as they pass from the hands of the manufacturer to the seller and from there to the customer. The liquid has a whole lot of travel to make and a high quality container alone can handle the pressure. Packaging is a matter of highly skilled engineering than one can imagine.
MultiPlast Polymer
There are several parameters that must be kept in mind while packaging f a liquid  but, one of the most important parameters from the customer’s point of view is the container’s design; whether it has a handle or not. Any packaging for a liquid, large or small, must have a handle in order to make the whole thing portable. Thus, it would be safe to say that it is not a luxury for a bottle to have handle but a matter of necessity. One might often argue that incorporating a handle to the design of a bottle might unnecessarily increase its weight and so it is often deleted from the design. But, with technology coming to the rescue, that is no more a problem.
MultiPlast Polymers Pvt. Ltd Mulund Bhiwandi Thane Maharashtra

Manufacturers have come up with an awesome solution. They are using light weight and safe materials like HDPE, LDPE and PP for making light weight bottles along with handles.  The new enhanced design, superior quality of materials and latest technology in manufacturing process has yielded in plastic bottles which are durable, convenient and safe for storage and transport. MultiPlast Polymers Pvt. Ltd Mulund Bhiwandi Thane Maharashtra is a name to reckon with in the field of plastic bottle manufacturing. They   cater to the packaging demands of several renowned brand names that we come across daily. The handle bottle that they manufacture and market come in three models - center handle bottles, side handle bottles and upper handle bottles.
MultiPlast Polymers Pvt. Ltd
The upper handle bottle family comes with a carrying capacity range of 250 ml to 5000 ml. They are round shaped in construction and come with a closure that has a tamper or screw evidence cap with a handy wad or plug option. The side handle bottle is flat in construction and comes with a capacity of 100 to 5000 ml. The center handle bottle comes with a capacity of 500, 1000 and 1100 ml   capacity. It is available with a plain cap or a tamper evidence cap. All these bottles are strong yet handy and can be used to package liquid and semi liquid substances.
MultiPlast Polymer

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